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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Digital Marketing essential?

A. Yes! At the present scenario, maximum people get attached to digital platforms. This is the most trustworthy medium to know about a product or any service. This nature drags maximum business owners to establish a strong digital platform. Even your competitors must have used this platform to gain business mileage. Therefore, it is one of the much-needed things to do for business owners.

Q. How much it will take to get the first position?

A. SEO is a complete ongoing process. It doesn't have any time limit. This is because, if you'll stop optimizing, within a few days, your comparators may overtake you as most of them are following this strategy. As far as the first position is concerned, it depends on the popularity of keywords and the skill of optimizers. After researching on your keywords, we'll assure you about the timeframe.

Q. How does better visibility in Search Engine will help your business?

A. This is the most common question asked by business owners. Well, when your position will be visible at the top position in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) it will impact on the visitors as upper positions attract more eyeballs compared to lower. You'll earn more visitors in this way. Once you get more visitors, they inquire about your product or service. The same thing happens in offline marketing. Once you get more traffic, it will easy to pick potential clients. In this way, your business will be a way ahead of your competitors.

Q. Do you provide voice search optimization?

A. Yes! This the latest trend on the web. At Mactrace.com we have formed an excellent team of highly skilled researchers. Our R&D division always comes with perfect resolutions to overcome any kind of challenge. We provide this service to our clients.

Q. What is SMO and why it is so important?

A. SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. As you know the using of social media is skyrocketing. There are billions of users and several millions of new users are getting connected with different social media platforms. This is the right way to popularize your service or products within a short period of time.

Q. Will my website will stay on top once it gets optimized?

A. SEO is a dynamic process. There are several kinds of challenges to overcome for getting desired results. If you will be at the top, you'll get better traffic rather than the businesses who are on the bottom and to acquire the top position, other business organizations also trying there level best. Therefore, if you want to stay on top of the position, you have to go through continues SEO process.

Q. What is the process once I hire your farm as my optimizer?

A. After the initial formalities, we will assign your project to a project manager. The project manager and CRO (Client Relationship Office) will be in touch with you all the time. You will get a complete report on your previous position, current position and the ongoing work in every 30 days. Your queries will be answered within a few minutes and we do work round the clock to boost your result.

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